Keeping weight in check – does the weight of the adviser matter?

A wide range of advisers – from family doctors to pharmacists – can be effective in providing lifestyle advice aimed at reducing risk of serious diseases of the heart, brain and circulation – including advice on diet and exercise aiming to help with weight loss.

However a new study, organised by the Royal Society for Public Health, suggests that people seeking advice on weight loss are less likely to take it seriously from someone who is overweight, whether from a health professional or another source, including hairdressers and celebrities.
In response to this report, the Royal Society for Public Health is recommending that NHS staff not only advise ‘do what I say’  but also ‘do what I do’ when it comes to advise on weight loss – ie NHS staff and others involved in advice on reversing overweight should be aware of the importance of acting as role models to help the public at risk to engage in losing weight.

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