How you can help to support our healthy heart charity – positions available

The Cardiovascular Research Trust (CVRT) is a well established charity promoting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and good cardiovascular health in general. With a solid background in research the charity is increasingly active in education through activities such as workshops, conferences and publications. In 2020 the trust will be promoting World Healthy Life Day on 4th November.

To extend its capability and activities the CVRT is now looking for volunteers for the following roles:

Chief Executive

Executive Role



The executive roles are likely to appeal to people with a business background. People with medical experience will be particularly welcome to apply for the trustee roles while somebody with financial expertise would represent a good fit as treasurer. Further details of these roles can be found on clicking the above links.

If you are interested in helping the CVRT grow and would like to join us please apply, providing your CV in the first instance to:

John Jackson – Trustee and Advisor to the CVRT


Or call him to discuss these opportunities on 07720 401860.

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