21 August 2020 Healthy Life Webinar 3. What to do about overweight?

What to do about overweight? Why lose weight and what helps?

Friday 21st August 2020 4pm London time

Discussants [Click here for biographies]

Professor Donald Singer, Physician and Pharmacologist
Chair of healthy heart charity the Cardiovascular Research Trust, London, UK
Professor Bernard Cheung, Sun Chieh Yeh Heart Foundation Professor in Cardiovascular Therapeutics, Department of Medicine, University of Hong Kong
Ali Crewe-Smith
Chartered Physiotherapist, Impact Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinics, Warwickshire, UK
Emily Vaudin, Community Dietitian
University Hospitals Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust, Derby, UK

Themes for the session include

–  Preventable complications of overweight
–  Effective diet and exercise for reducing overweight
–  What counts as activity? How do I start? Do I need to join a gym
–   Planning is everything – setting realistic goals.
–   How to adapt your activity if you experience musculoskeletal aches and pains?
–   How can Physio, Occupational Therapy and Dietitian support help?

Session summary

Overweight is a very common preventable cause of heart attack, stroke and other serious diseases. These complications may at best cause disability and are major causes of preventable premature death in the UK and around the world. For the public in general, keeping weight in check helps to avoid many common serious medical conditions.

For people who are overweight, tests are important to rule out underlying causes and to identify cardiovascular risk factors that may be present. Reducing overweight is well-established as effective in helping to prevent heart attack, stroke and other serious medical problems, including diabetes mellitus, joint disease and many cancers. Overweight people are also at risk at much worse outcome from the current pandemic of COVID-19. The session will provide advice on what aspects of healthy lifestyle are most helpful in preventing and reducing overweight and to keep cardiovascular risk factors due to overweight in check.

These free monthly webinars from healthy heart charity the Cardiovascular Research Trust provide updates for clinicians, patients and carers and the public on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of common and serious clinical disorders related to keeping the heart healthy and reducing the risk of other cardiovascular diseases. The topics are of interest to a wide range of professionals interested in health including clinical trainees, senior clinicians, policy makers, academics and other health professionals.

If you wish to make a donation to the Cardiovascular Research Trust you may also do so on our EventBrite page.

Some useful links

  1. Overweight and Obesity, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  2. UK Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Activity Campaign
  3. ESCAPE pain for knee/hip arthritis [soon to have a back pain edition]. Online course to help you manage your pain whilst remaining active.
  4. Cardiac Rehab after heart attack or heart surgery
  5. Physical Activity Guidelines from Public Health England


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