World Healthy Life week. Exercise for better health: Thursday 4th November 2021

Healthy heart charity the Cardiovascular Research Trust is organiser of World Healthy Life activities which complement its series of live webinars on healthy life and how to prevent heart disease and related illnesses.

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This webinar is being held as one of a series of online sessions to mark the 2021 World Healthy Life Week which is organised by healthy heart charity the Cardiovascular Research Trust and partners around the world to raise awareness of the cardiovascular and broader benefits of a healthy life for everyone around the world. These are serious issues not just for wealthier countries but also for less developed countries around the world.

The session is intended for senior and junior health professionals as well as interested members of the public from anywhere in the world.

World Healthy Life week is supported by medical society the Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine which promotes Medical Learning for Life through conferences, webinars and two journals: the Postgraduate Medical Journal and Health Policy and Technology.


Thursday 4th November: 4pm UK time

Exercise for better health

Donald Singer – Chair, Cardiovascular Research Trust

Exercise: a miracle cure in need of a new approach
Mrs Scarlett McNally Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, Eastbourne

Combining exercise with work
Tanya Potiyenko, Trustee, Cardiovascular Research Trust

Exercise after heart attack – experience of a patient
Rolf Updale, Fitness coach

Returning to exercise
Ali Crewe-Smith, Chartered Physiotherapist, Impact Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinics, Warwickshire, UK

Q & A with panel and audience

Tanya Potiyenko – Trustee, Cardiovascular Research Trust
Donald Singer – Chair, Cardiovascular Research

Speaker and panel biographies

Exercise & Health

Activity and regular exercise are key lifestyle measures in preventing and reversing overweight, increasing common worldwide as a common preventable cause of heart attack, stroke and other serious diseases. These complications may at best cause disability and are major causes of preventable premature death in the UK and around the world. For the public in general, keeping weight in check helps to avoid many common serious medical conditions.

For people who are overweight, tests are important to rule out underlying causes and to identify cardiovascular risk factors that may be present. Reducing overweight is well-established as effective in helping to prevent heart attack, stroke and other serious medical problems, including diabetes mellitus, joint disease and many cancers. Overweight people are also at risk of worse outcome from the current pandemic of COVID-19.

The session will provide advice on exercise within healthy lifestyle to prevent and reduce overweight and to keep other cardiovascular risk factors in check by reducing high blood pressure, reducing total cholesterol and increasing good (high density lipoprotein) cholesterol.


Do please email us if you would like to suggest ideas for topics, questions and speakers for these live sessions

Webinars are free and hosted on Zoom

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Webinars from healthy heart charity the Cardiovascular Research Trust provide updates for clinicians, patients and carers and the public on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of common and serious clinical disorders related to keeping the heart healthy and reducing the risk of other cardiovascular diseases.

The topics are of interest to a wide range of professionals interested in health, including clinical trainees, senior clinicians, policy makers, academics and other health professionals.


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