World Healthy Life Week 2021

World Healthy Life Week is organised by The Cardiovascular Research Trust The Healthy Heart Charity as an established annual event.

The charity and its and partners around the world aim to raise awareness of the cardiovascular and broader benefits of a healthy life for everyone around the world. These are serious issues not just for wealthier countries but also for less developed countries around the world.

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Our speakers and discussants consider important ways in which a healthier life can help to prevent and reduce the severity of serious disorders of the heart, brain and circulation as well as other important medical conditions.

These sessions are intended for senior and junior health professionals as well as interested members of the public from anywhere in the world. Previous registrants – and panel contributors – for Healthy Life webinars from the healthy heart charity have come from Europe, the Americas, the Middle-East, South Asia and South East Asia and Oceania.

Session Moderators in 2021
Bernard Cheung – Trustee, Cardiovascular Research Trust
Michael Hulse – Emeritus Professor, University of Warwick
Tanya Potiyenko – Trustee, Cardiovascular Research Trust
Kieran Seale – External Advisory Panel, Cardiovascular Research Trust
Donald Singer – Chair, Cardiovascular Research Trust

Tuesday 2nd November: 4pm UK time

Active transport for better health

Heart and other health benefits of active travel
Adrian Davis, Professor of Transport and Health, Edinburgh Napier University

How to promote active travel
Dr Tom Cohen, Senior Lecturer, Active Travel Academy, University of Westminster

Wednesday 3rd November: 3pm UK time

Improving heart health for women

Better heart health in women: important cardiovascular disease risk factors, including pre-eclampsia
Jeanine Roeters van Lennep – Internist and Specialist in Vascular Medicine
Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam

Improving recognition and outcomes for coronary heart disease in women
Aaysha Cader – Assistant Professor of Cardiology
Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital & Research Institute, Dhaka

Thursday 4th November: 4pm UK time

Exercise for better health

Donald Singer – Chair, Cardiovascular Research Trust

Exercise: a miracle cure in need of a new approach
Mrs Scarlett McNally Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, Eastbourne

Combining exercise with work
Tanya Potiyenko, Trustee, Cardiovascular Research Trust

Exercise after heart attack – experience of a patient
Rolf Updale, Fitness coach

Returning to exercise
Ali Crewe-Smith, Chartered Physiotherapist, Impact Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinics, Warwickshire, UK

Saturday 6th November: Partner in 2021 World Healthy Life events

Annual Meeting, University of Hong Kong Institute of Cardiovascular Science and Medicine

Interplay between cardiovascular disease and COVID-19
Professor Donald Singer
Chair, Cardiovascular Research Trust: the Healthy Heart Charity

Related events

Monday 6th December 4pm UK time

New insights into stroke

1. Medical contributors

Stroke in newborn infants and young children

Professor Frances Cowan

Consultant in Perinatal Neurology, Imperial Colege London

Infections as mimics of stroke

Dr Jessica Tuan

Yale University Medical School

This session marks the Launch of Storm Brain

A book of medical essays and poems on stroke and the brain

2. Wednesday 8th December 8.30pm UK time

Poems to Live for:

Readings by the poets

Launch of Storm Brain

3. Wednesday 15th December 8.30pm UK time

Poems to Live for:

Launch of Storm Brain

3. Further readings by the poets

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