Health and Poetry

Storm Brain: The Hippocrates Book of the Brain

Leading medical professionals, whose practice and research around the world has led them to a keen interest in stroke, contribute information and advice to help every one of us understand and avert stroke or manage its consequences.

The editors also invited poets around the English-speaking world to donate poems on the subject of the brain and its afflictions. Among the poets in this book are Roo Borson and Kim Maltman, Peter Goldsworthy, Elizabeth Smither, Mimi Khalvati, Gwyneth Lewis, Jeffrey Harrison, Marilyn Bowering, Mary O’Donnell, Lawrence Sail, Claire Trévien, Philip Gross and C. K. Stead.

This companion volume to the earlier Hippocrates Book of the Heart will be published in early December with a medical launch on Updates on Stroke on Monday 6th December and Readings by 43 of the poets featured on Wednesday 8th December and Wednesday 15th December.

The Hippocrates Book of the Heart

The Hippocrates Book of the Heart was made possible by the support from our charity. The book brought together contributions from eighty contemporary poets of the English-speaking world and a dozen medical experts from around the globe to offer their perspectives on prevention and reducing the severity of heart disease.  

Healthy Heart Poetry

The  healthy heart charity the Cardiovascular Research Trust established Healthy Heart Poetry in partnership with the Hippocrates Initiative.

The aim of the Healthy Heart Poetry initiative is to encourage interest among children and adults of all ages in lifestyle that helps to keep the heart healthy.

Click here for more on Healthy Heart Poetry

The Hippocrates Young Poets Prize for Poetry and Medicine

The Hippocrates Young Poets Prize has been supported since 2017 by the Cardiovascular Research Trust the healthy heart charity.

Click here for more on the Prize and how to enter.

Entries for this prize are free. The Young Poet Prize is for poets aged 14-18 years from anywhere in the world.  The Young Poet Prize is £500. Poems must be no more than 50 lines in length (excluding the title and line spacings) and not have previously been published in any form. They must be written in English. 

Entries were received from 18 countries for the 2021 Hippocrates Prize Young Poet Prize.

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