World Healthy Life Week 2022

The Cardiovascular Research Trust, the healthy heart charity established in 1996, is home to the World Healthy Life Week, an international event now in its third year. It is about taking a holistic view of our heart health to promote a healthy life for all.

In 2022, the Week took place between Monday October 31st and Sunday November 6th 2022, and the theme was “The Big Questions”.

The Week is a platform to:

  • Exchange knowledge on the evidence of promoting health and preventing illness through seminars and partnerships;
  • Inspire people to take positive action to protect their health and that of their families and communities through events and accessible content;
  • Educate decision-makers to implement health-promoting policies and measures;
  • To enable a dialogue between the arts and health through the ‘Art of the Heart’ annual international awards.

Good health is a state of physical, mental and social wellbeing.

Having a healthy heart and circulation is linked to a multitude of other health benefits.

Following a healthy lifestyle for a healthy heart benefits our entire body:

  • Protects from diabetes, asthma, joint pain;
  • Reduces the risk of cancer;
  • Boosts mood and reduces stress;
  • Improves chances of recovery from COVID-19 disease and Long Covid.

A series of international webinars is at the heart of the Week’s activities to enable the exchange of knowledge on the evidence of promoting health and preventing illness and inspire people and decision-makers to take positive action to protect heart health.

Visit our pages for more information and to watch the recordings of our webinars:

Long Covid and Cardiovascular Disease

Core message: “Long Covid is the first disease identified, named and defined by patients, finding one another on social media. Patients have contributed a huge deal towards defining all aspects of the syndrome. We now need a holistic system for prevention, diagnosis, care and recovery to address the complexities of Long Covid.”

Mental Health and Circulation: Close Links

Core message: “The heart and the mind are inextricably linked. Any support for recovery from cardiovascular illness needs to take strongly into account the trauma and emotional distress that patients always have to face. Many are failed by the complex systems they have to navigate as part of their care and recovery journeys.”

World Healthy Life Week is also the home of the ‘Art of the Heart’ Awards, an International Competition for works by young visual artists which Illustrate Matters of Health and Illness Related to the Heart or Circulation.

See the winner of the Art of the Heart 2022.

World Healthy Life Week will return in November 2023. In the meantime, you can…

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