Covid-19 has impacted global health like few diseases in history. Both at the acute phase and the stages of long Covid, Covid-19 disease has multiple impacts on our cardiovascular system. This online seminar outlines this evidence through the latest research and practice evidence and the point of view of lived experience.

Dates and details on speakers and registration will be released soon on this page. World Healthy Life Week 2022 is between October 31st and November 6th.

The World Healthy Life Week is an international event, now in its third year. It is hosted by the Cardiovascular Research Trust, the healthy heart charity established in 1996. It is about taking a holistic view of our health to promote a healthy life for all by focusing on the message of how keeping our heart healthy is central to our overall good health.

A series of webinars is at the heart of the Week’s activities to enable the exchange of knowledge on the evidence of promoting health and preventing illness and inspire people and decision-makers to take positive action to protect heart health.

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