The Webinar took place on November 2nd

Our mental health is inherently linked to our physical health and our heart and circulation play a key mediating role in this. For too long we have neglected the close links between our minds and bodies, and how both our cardiovascular and mental health are shaped by our social circumstances.

By joining this webinar you would gain a better understanding of the importance of taking a whole body view of our health and you could listen to expert professional and personal experiences, exploring the connections between mental health and circulation and how far we are from integrated care.

The Webinar was recorded. You can watch it here:

The World Healthy Life Week is an international event, now in its third year. It is hosted by the Cardiovascular Research Trust, the healthy heart charity established in 1996. It is about taking a holistic view of our health to promote a healthy life for all by focusing on the message of how keeping our heart healthy is central to our overall good health.

A series of webinars was at the heart of the Week’s activities to enable the exchange of knowledge on the evidence of promoting health and preventing illness and inspire people and decision-makers to take positive action to protect heart health.

Webinar Agenda (BST times)

3:20-3:30pm – Online joining opened

3:30pm – Webinar began

Chair Dr David Crepaz-Keay, Head of Applied Learning at the Mental Health Foundation

Contributions from:

  • Marianne Downing, Pharmacist and Global Mental Health professional, “The key evidence and experience of the links between circulation, heart health and mental health”.
  • Chris White, Citizenship and Participation Officer at the Mental Health Foundation, “The balance of a professional and patient experience on cardiovascular and mental health and the case for cardiac psychology”.
  • Prof Bernard Cheung, Professor of Cardiovascular Therapeutics at the Department of Medicine at the University of Hong Kong, “Reflecting on the evidence from an academic point of view”.
  • Prof Russell Roberts, Director of Equally Well Australia, “Reflecting on the evidence from a partnership and service development point of view”.

Followed by a Q&A with the audience

4:45pm – Webinar closed

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