Obituaries on our founder, Professor Donald Singer

On June 11th, 2022, Professor Donald Singer, the Cardiovascular Research Trust’s Founder and Chair, passed away suddenly.

Donald founded the Trust in 1996 and led its work with passion and conviction until his untimely death. He will be remembered for his immense knowledge of cardiovascular health and pharmacology, his enthusiasm for research and, above all, the warmth with which he carried out his role as Chair.

In this page, we are collecting a selection of obituaries written about him since.

“He was unfailingly kind, helpful, polite, and discreet at all times. […] Donald was active in many medical societies and committees, including the British and Irish Hypertension Society. His interests were in looking at new approaches to personalising medicine; in chemical and genomic research for the discovery of medicines and their harmful effects; the prevention and treatment of hypertension and other disorders of the heart and circulation; and in public understanding of health.”

Read the full Obituary in The Guardian.

“An outstanding pharmacologist, co-founded the Hippocrates Prize for Poetry and Medicine […] and was known as someone who never had a row and never had a bad word to say about anyone. […] Donald was a very open, decent, proactive human being. He was a lot of fun with a tremendous sense of humour, but always focused on the job in hand. [..] Donald was an organiser, initiator, and enthusiast who got things done.”

Read the full Obituary in The British Medical Journal.

“He had a remarkable breadth of knowledge of the arts and sciences, and a huge range of hobbies, and he threw himself wholeheartedly into each one.”

Read the full Obituary by the European Association for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics.

“His humanistic upbringing and inclination to the arts allowed him to span well beyond science. […] Donald was a gentle, discreet, reserved character, full of interests and an amiable friend. He had many hidden talents.”

Read the full Obituary by the British and Irish Hypertension Society.

“His amiable manners were unfailing, his cheerfulness and sense of irony were fine-tuned, and the deftness with which he attended to arrangements or fixed problems could be astonishing. Through it all I was delighted to find him lacking in the self-importance which can afflict the professorial and consultant classes. He was quite simply an honest soul taking pleasure in doing what he was good at doing, and a man immensely after my own heart.”

Read the full Tribute by Michael Hulse.

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