Art of the Heart Awards winner 2022

The Art of the Heart Awards launched in 2022 as an international competition for visually artistic works which illustrate matters of health and illness related to the heart or circulation.

The winner of the Art of the Heart Awards competition for 2022 is the following group of medical students from Hong Kong University:

HUNG Ka Lam Jay

MAN Pui Hei Marcus

O Yu


WONG Richard

Horst Kiechle

They shared this story and explanation for their beautiful artwork:

“This is an anatomically correct heart inscribed with the oaths our group has set for ourselves as we first got admitted into medical school as first year medical students.

We have made the heart out of blank paper, which symbolizes our ignorance and plasticity. It requires patience and persistence to complete the countless mountain and valley folds before we get the shape of the heart, echoing the ups and downs we are expecting to face in our medical studies and practice. Through cutting and sticking these pieces together, we appreciate that we should acquire knowledge and develop good morals in a timely and stepwise manner. On the several tens of pieces that made up the heart, we have written down our pledges and hopes, reminding ourselves that we should always be truehearted to the causes that brought us to medical school.

We have divided the task into five parts, each for one of us. We initially face difficulties of making sense of the instruction manual, but later overcome this through helping one another out and giving advice and tips from one another. Coincidentally, this highlights the importance of medicine being a collaborative effort of multiple practitioners and disciplines. Even though we have our own background and areas that we are good at, we target towards the common goal of helping the sick to pass their most difficult times. We learn, grow and work together.

Now, several years later when we are all during our final days as medical students, the ‘defective’ and ‘ruptured’ RV free wall actually provides us with a window of opportunity to reflect upon our progress throughout these years. We have immortalized this artwork by photography, knowing that while paper may decay, ink may be smeared, our commitment shall not falter.

This project not only allowed us to appreciate the importance of basic anatomy, but also reminded us of our commitment to become a doctor. Becoming a good doctor requires more than just medical knowledge, but also a kind and determined heart to serve patients and society.”

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