Enter for Healthy Heart Awards

The healthy heart charity the Cardiovascular Research Trust created these awards for schools and colleges. The challenge for the ‘Healthy Heart Awards’ is to develop ideas for an educational ‘Healthy Heart’ game. The aim of the awards is to engage young and older school and college students from around the world in the health of their hearts.

2019 Healthy Heart Awards – entries now open: deadline  20th October, 2019

The 2019 Healthy Heart Awards will be announced in December 2019 in London at a Symposium on Health of the Heart organized by the Cardiovascular Research Trust and schools are welcome to attend.

For further information on submitting entries and attending the Symposium please email us.

Entries should consist of original material and could include:

• a logo

• pictures and names for suggested characters

• text and images for and about:

– helpful messages about health and the heart

– favourite sports and activities

– healthy foods and how they can help the heart

– unhealthy things to avoid

– how unhealthy things can harm the heart

– heart problems

– questions and quizzes

  • a poem about keeping the heart healthy
  • outlines for moving picture sequences for games to link any of the above
  • other ideas you think could add to an educational ‘Healthy heart’ game

2 part lesson plan

Download Lesson plan part 1

Download Lesson plan part 2

Download outline of the body

Download body outline with simple heart in place

Download body outline with anatomical heart in place

Download Healthy Heart Quiz
Award winning schools and colleges will have their entries developed into an ‘app’ to help children and young people around the world to find out more about the heart and how to keep it as healthy as possible.

A school or college may submit more than one entry.

Entries must be submitted by a named member of school staff on behalf of the entering student or class.

Entries should be submitted electronically as e-documents or scanned files of original graphics.