Healthy Heart Poetry

The  healthy heart charity the Cardiovascular Research Trust established Healthy Heart Poetry in partnership with the Hippocrates Initiative.

The aim of the Healthy Heart Poetry initiative is to encourage interest among children and adults of all ages in lifestyle that helps to keep the heart healthy.

 Hippocrates Book of the Heart

The Hippocrates Book of the Heart was made possible by the support from our charity. The book brought together contributions from eighty contemporary poets of the English-speaking world and a dozen medical experts from around the globe to offer their perspectives on the heart.    

Love your Heart

R love-cover med-2

Selected poems from schools around the UK were published in an anthology, Love your Heart anthology of poems on the heart from 23 schools around England by children for children.

We thought that writing poems on keeping the heart healthy and planning and writing heart healthy recipes would form excellent themes for a school lesson on a number of subject areas.

Healthy Heart Awards

Healthy Heart Poetry events have given children have the opportunity to read their poems from a published Anthology, with Healthy Heart Awards presented to participating schools. The 2014 Healthy Heart Poetry event [Awards photo above] took place in London on 4th December and included the launch by poets Wendy French and Rebecca Goss of the Love your Heart anthology of poems on the heart by children for children,  presentation of Healthy Heart Awards to 19 schools, and readings by poet Lynne Hjelmgaard from Dannie Abse’s final collection Speak Old Parrot.

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