The £5000 First Prize in the Open Category was awarded to teacher and writer Maya Catherine Popa from New York City for a poem inspired by her neuroscientist great grandfather.

The Hippocrates £5000 NHS first prize went to former counsellor Kate Compston from Cornwall for a poem about revealing the diagnosis of dementia.

Parisa Thepmankorn from Rockaway, New Jersey received the £500 2015 Hippocrates Young Poet Prize for Intraocular Pressure.

2015 Hippocrates winners

2015 Hippocrates Prize awarded to New York City teacher, retired counsellor from Cornwall, and young New Jersey poet

Family doctor wins award in Hippocrates Prize for poem on night calls

Pascale Petit wins award in Hippocrates Prize for poem on alienation and mental illness

Teacher wins award in Hippocrates Prize for poem on experience of cancer treatment

Two Scots poets commended by Hippocrates Prize for poems inspired by Edinburgh’s Royal College of Surgeons

The judges agreed 3 poets from the USA and the UK for the shortlist for the £5000 Open International award and 4 poets from England and Wales shortlisted for the £5000 NHS award in the 2015 Hippocrates Prize for Poetry and Medicine. More …

A further 31 poems were commended, by poets from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, the USA and New Zealand. More …