Online abstract submission: 21 June 2019 workshop at Erasmus – European Cooperation on Healthcare

See instructions below before submitting your abstract.

  1. Your file must be uploaded as a Microsoft Word document
  2. Link for uploading your abstract. There is no limit to the number of abstracts you may submit. Each must be submitted separately by returning to the online form.
  3. Successful abstracts will be notifies to the submitting author within 2 weeks of receipt of the abstract.
  4. Registration is free for abstract presenters and all co-authors.

Notes on preparing your abstract(s)

  • Abstracts must be submitted in English and must not exceed 300 words (not including the title, list of co-authors, list of institutions and up to 3 references)
  • Structure your abstract as below or using other appropriate headings
    • Background
    • Aim/research question
    • Subjects and methods
    • Results
    • Conclusions
  • All information (including tables or figures) must be included in a single Word document to uploaded on the online form
  • If ethics approval was needed, please confirm this in methods noting which Ethics Committee gave the approval
  • If results of statistical analyses are shown, please note types of analysis in the Methods section
  • Please note any conflicts of interest at the end of abstract or note:
    • Conflicts of interest – None
  • Please ensure you save your document with a title that is only letters and numbers.
  • Please do not include any symbols as you may have problems uploading this.
  • By uploading your abstract you hereby agree to grant HPT and the FPM a licence to publish the abstract if it is accepted for presentation
  • Publication of the abstract is subject to the abstract being presented at the workshop in person by one of the authors