Support CVRT when buying skincare from Lubatti

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We are delighted that Lubatti skincare products has generously agreed to donate 25% of each sale to the CVRT.

For how to do this using our charity code go to our donor page.

The vision for the Cardiovascular Research Trust is to stop preventable and premature cardiovascular disease. We aim to do this through research on drugs, devices and over-arching technologies, and education on prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

CVRT is a medical charity which relies on donations to support its educational and research activities.

Previous donations have helped to fund research on cardiovascular health and disease, costs of laboratory equipment and tests, travel and accommodation costs for visiting researchers, and cardiovascular research and educational workshops.

We are delighted that Lubatti has joined a number of companies are now supporting the activities of the CVRT by donating part of their revenue to us.

If you would like to help to support the CVRT as an affiliated company or in other ways, please email the CVRT.